Melotti Racing Clip-ons Universal


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Developed in co-operation with top teams in the classes SBK, SSP600, EWC (Go Eleven, Barni Racing Team, Ten Kate, Wojcik, Extreme).

Technical features:
-The tall bracelet (45 mm), together with the boring of the internal hole, allow to have a high “grip” on the fork sleeve and therefore to use a lower tightening torque for the bracelet, ensuring the optimal functioning of the fork in the lunge phase (braking).

-We have adopted a GP-type bracelet-bar front coupling system (cone-shaped) to obtain a high rigidity and a minimum external encumbrance. -This choice offers, as a further plus, the possibility to use the entire length of the bar for the assembly of the controls.

-Predetermined collapse section to avoid, in case of break of the bar due to a fall, the overloading of the fork sleeve which would irretrievably damage the internal hydraulics too.

-The handlebar is also designed with an anti-rotation and anti-slip system. This solution guarantees maximum safety and allows the quick and precise positioning of levers and buttons for teams that use the pre-assembled controls on the bars, whenever it’s necessary to disassemble the bar from the bracelet after a fall.

-Vernier to adjust the opening angle of the handlebars. The combined use of our GP handlebars with our top yoke makes the adjustment extremely easy and quick without the use of special masks.

-Two stainless steel screws for fastening the bracelet.

-A vernier on the outer end of the bar is helpful in case you need to shorten its length.

Main dimensional features:
-Angle of inclination: 7°
-Offset advancement: 20 mm
-Tube (bar) length: 240 mm
-Exploitable length: 240 mm
-Tube section: ext. diam. 22 mm – int. diam. 16.5 mm
-Can be used on forks diam. 50-51-52 mm

Available anodized in black and natural color.

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